What we do

Tracr gives you visibility into characteristics of people behavior in your store, city or during your event. By gathering and analyzing data about how people move, we enable you to make the right decisions backed by data. By focusing where it will have the biggest impact, you can increase your customers' or visitors' happiness rating and increase the flow into city spaces and commercial areas such as shopping streets.


We produce heat maps to show you hot spots throughout your area of interest. These can be used to target specific areas within city planning projects to gain a better balance in the city center.

Flow analysis

We analyze the flow of people to help you gain insights into how citizens utilize your city space. With this you can measure and improve flow through the city center.


We deliver results and insights through our web-based analytics platform and reports for you to base your decisions on. We utilize our knowledge from other cities and events with the same challenges as you to help you in the right direction.

How we do it

Tracr utilizes state of the art IOT sensors to gather data on people flow. The sensors are connected to our own scalable cloud backend enabling flexible and real-time analytics solutions.

Video analysis

Applying deep learning to video streams for flexible analytics of people flow in city spaces, stores, and during events.

WiFi and Bluetooth tracking

We have create our own measuring stations that are easy to install and maintain.

Utilizing Bluetooth low energy beacons for customized app experiences.

Why Tracr

Why should you choose Tracr as your partner?


We build our data gathering stations with cost in mind.
They are low cost devices, which means the upfront investment to start gathering is minimal.
We also offer both a option to buy and rent hardware, to fit your needs.


We believe that data is only good if its easy to understand.
Constantly we are gathering feedback from end customers to tailor our analysis and reports for people who are not data analyst but decision makers.


We are flexible and will tailor a solution that fits you.
This gives you the ease that you are not locked into a long term, frozen format, but have the ability to change the things you don’t like.

Our customer stories

Aarhus Walks on Water

September 2018

Providing insights on audience engagement during a public fashion show at the harbor in Aarhus.

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Randers City

July-August 2018

Quantifying activity in and around the shopping streets and stores in the city center during an experimental redesign of a central town square.

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Viborg Snapsting

June 2018

Providing real-time data on the level of activity at several points of interest during this city festival and measuring the popularity of concerts and other events.

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Who are we

Tracr is a young startup who aims to help municipalities, city planners and event organizers within city events gain insight and analyze behavior of people.

Together the Tracr team has a wealth of experience within advanced analysis, scalable cloud solutions and IOT devices.

Our aim is to decrease the technical learning curve for gathering and analyzing big data, and make data easy digestible for everyone, so you can focus on making the right decisions.

Simon Jorgensen


Simon has a broad technical experience in building cutting edge, scalable IT solutions in the cloud as a consultant. His background is with the companies: IBM, Amazon Web Services and Cloudpartners.

Bo Tranberg


Bo has previously worked as a cloud computing consultant. He is currently pursuing a PhD in Engineering at Aarhus University, focusing on advanced power system models, and in parallel a degree in economics and business administration.